My childhood backyard at sunset in November 2017 while home for Thanksgiving break.

Over the last four years, home has been changing for me. I've been in college, traveling, working elsewhere. As a young person, I've been changing, as well as my idea of home. But Arizona remains omnipresent in my mind. When I go back, I feel a sense of calm that I'm almost convinced is unattainable elsewhere. I find myself reflecting on my childhood and adolescence, on high school and past relationships.

When I'm away, I daydream of sunsets in my backyard and endless nights skateboarding at the park with friends. I imagine slow Sundays with my parents or even just mundane evenings spent on the couch with them and the dogs. I yearn for quiet bike rides around the suburban sprawl of my neighborhood and long drives accompanied by music with my brother and friends.

I've unintentionally documented moments from these visits on my dad's film SLR and continue to every time I go back home.

Dad, Zoe and Yoko sleeping in on a weekend.

Jaswant driving to his house in Chandler.

The Friendship's annual Thanksgiving Shanghai style hotpot party.

Mom and Dad relaxing at the house one afternoon.

Dom, Colby and friends take a break from skating at Pecos during sunset.

Ben, my brother, grills chinchulin in the backyard after getting back from living in Argentina.

My house, garage open, at sunset.

Jaswant runs across a bridge over Haigler Creek.

Yoko kisses Mom in the living room.

Dad drinks coffee while watching Ben grill.

Cacti and a palm tree during a walk around my neighborhood.

The grill and the rest of the stuff that my dad tries to hide in the more "industrial" area of the backyard.

Dad chops fruits and vegetables one night in the kitchen while Zoe waits for a food scrap to fall to the floor.

Sunset in the suburbs.

Zoe in the backyard.

Jaswant, Ryan and Jeff walk down a dirt road in Haigler Canyon.

Amy, Andy, Nick and I found a spilled bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch in downtown Phoenix.

Jeff, Jaswant and Ryan sitting around a campfire.

The bougainvillea bush in between our wall and the neighbors wall.

Dad in the backyard on a beautiful evening. I look forward to these backyard sessions when I'm away.

Desert Breeze Park at sunset.

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