The Arizona Boom for The New York Times

I was commissioned to photograph a story on Arizona's booming economy, influx of technology companies and resulting changes in the state's political hue.

A Cowgirl's Identity for The Guardian

I researched, pitched, reported, photographed, and wrote a story on Little Shell and mixed identity through the lens of a cowgirl who's found home in rodeo, published in The Guardian.

The Border Crisis in a Pandemic for HuffPost

I was commissioned by HuffPost to travel to Arivaca, AZ, a town of 700 just 11 miles north of the U.S. Mexico border, to photograph how a town impacted by the border crisis has prepared and come together during the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Left Behind: Growing up in the shadow of the MMIW Crisis for Montana Native News Honors Project

For one semester, myself and a reporter worked on a long-form piece about the children left behind by the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women crisis. We focused in on this facet of MMIW through the lens of the Whiteman family, whose mother, Lindsay, had been murdered in October 2018. It was by far the most valuable story I have worked on, and I learned so much about working as a privileged, white-passing journalist in Native communities, some of the most underserved in the country. I'm proud of the visuals I produced, which could not have been possible without a seamless collaboration with my reporting partner/writer, and so grateful for the relationships I formed with the Whiteman family. The story was just awarded the 2019 SPJ Mark of Excellence for online in-depth reporting for Region 10.

In one-hundredth of a second, a Paralympian finds herself for Austin American-Statesman

I pitched, filmed, and photographed a story about Lizzi Smith, an Austin Paralympic swimmer who, after a life-changing loss that led to a road trip chasing "fearlessness", is working to redefine her meaning of success just in time for her reappearance on swimming's world stage.

The Disoriented Lives of North Korean Defectors for CityLab

I photographed, video assisted and helped report a story on how North Korean defectors struggle to adjust to the technologically driven society of Seoul, South Korea and its high-tech infrastructure. The story was the top trending article on the website for two days after it was published. The Atlantic also shared it on their Facebook page. This project was part of an international reporting study abroad trip with the University of Montana School of Journalism to South Korea.

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